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How It Works

Ridepool is a great platform for drivers to advertise their services to potential riders. By signing up for a  driver profile on our platform, you can offer your services to riders who are looking for a low cost way to travel. We will match you with riders who are going in the same direction, making it easy for you to earn money while helping others get to their destination. With its large user base, Ridepool is the perfect place to advertise your services as a driver.


Ridepool offers advance booking for rides with independent drivers who advertise on our platform.  Riders can choose their preferred driver from the driver profile page or any available driver. While riders can pay their drivers in cash, the membership fee must be paid before having access to our driver bookings online. Riders it is up to the driver to take payments online through their selected funds processor or payments in person. If you are looking to pay with cash please ensure to select a driver that has their profile set to cash payments.

Ridepool is a booking site that provides bookings for riders and independent drivers. Please note that we are not a Transportation Network Company. Our platform serves as a link between drivers and riders. Thank you for choosing Ridepool for your transportation needs.

Ridepool is a platform that connects riders with drivers. Our service allows riders to choose the driver they want or the nearest available driver. Please note that drivers are responsible for insurance and any interaction with the rider. Ridepool is solely a connection platform.

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Looking for a reliable and comfortable ride? Look no further than RidePool, the top-notch transport connection service that offers a safe driver catalog of drivers who are licensed to drive and offer affordable transportation to your destination. With our experienced drivers and their state-of-the-art vehicles, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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